Welcome to Matilda’s Waffle Boutique

Matilda’s Waffle Boutique is based on the idea that food should make you feel better not worse and that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice taste to live a healthier lifestyle. Every waffle we serve is prepared to the standard.



Hello I’m Alexandra

I’am a wife and mother of two amazing children. My childhood was filled with fruits, vegetables and home cooked meals.

I have always loved baking. I think it steams from my lovely grandmother. Some of my favourite childhood memories involve being with grandma and eating her delicious treats. I was raised to be “picky” about what I put into my body, and now I try to teach my children exactly the same. Our daily slogan is “you are what you eat from your head down to your feet”

We absolutely love farmer’s markets. It’s great environment for my whole family – Kids love it! Great FUN-Way to teach them about where food comes from, and healthy and responsible shopping/eating.

From Matilda’s waffle boutique to our friends and customers. We hope you enjoy our delicious waffles and experience of the fresh made healthy food.