Waffle made from the best ingredients. We believe that care & respect should be given to the ingredients that we incorporate into our menu. One of our popular technique is to incorporate ground flaxseeds* into our delicious waffles.


Matilda’s Healthy Waffles

Matilda’s Waffle with Maple Syrup: with rainbow fruit, maple syrup & icing sugar

Omelette Waffle & Salad: with eggs, shredded mozzarella cheese, chopped red peppers, onions, breakfast sausage, parmesan & chives

Organic Yogurt and Berries Waffle Sandwich: with lemon yogurt, selection of berries

Ham Waffle Sandwich: with ham, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions & homemade guacamole

Chicken Waffle Sandwich: with grilled chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickles & mayo

Chicken & Waffle Cone: with fresh salad, garlic dressing & feta cheese

Falafel & Waffle Cone: with fresh salad, hummus, thousand island dressing & feta cheese


Matilda’s Waffle Sticks

Banana Caramel Cream: with fresh banana, caramel sauce & Matilda’s whipped cream

Baileys Cookies & Cream: with oreo cookie, homemade baileys sauce & Matilda’s whipped cream

Salted Caramel chocolate Chip: with salted caramel sauce, caramel popcorn & chocolate chips

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cheesecake: with homemade cream-cheese topping & reese’s peanut butter cups

Blueberry Cheesecake: with homemade cream-cheese topping, fresh blueberries & chocolate sauce

Raspberry & Cream: with Matilda’s whipped cream, fresh raspberries & delicious raspberry coulis

Chocolate & Nuts: waffle stick dipped into milk chocolate and covered with nuts 

*Healthy Benefits of Flaxseed you should know;

Flaxseeds are a magical health food. They have a deliciously nutty and toasty flavour. Flax counters nutrients like calcium, vitamin E, iron, niacin and phosphorous. It also has lignans, which may regulate hormone levels. The tiny seeds are high in antioxidants among other things, and contain a healthy dose of fibre and omega 3 fatty acids, which help with everything from bone health to hair and skin health.

Flaxseeds also help your body to fight of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and some forms of cancer.

“Don’t panic, by healthy we mean well balanced and nutritious not devoid of taste! Our Waffles are good, fresh and Healthy.”


In addition, please be aware that any of our waffles that do not contain nuts may have been in contact with nuts. If you have a nut allergy we cannot guarantee any of our waffles are free from cross contamination.

If you require more specific details, please ask to speak with one of our employee who will be able to assist you. We recognize the seriousness of food allergies, and will do our best to address your concerns.